JULY 2018:  NSX Perfection?  MIke Tran's 95 NSX may be as close to it as possible.

JULY 2018: NSX Perfection? MIke Tran's 95 NSX may be as close to it as possible.

Does it get any better than shooting Mike Tran's 95 NSX ?  The answer to that depends on what your style of tuning is.  If you are anything like him, perfection can only be achieved by testing the fine line between a clean and classy build to a wild/showstopping one.  Mike's NSX is one of the finest expressions of clean and classy you will find around. Even Senna would be proud.  When Honda and Senna first sought to create a world class supercar that looked and performed like like the best of Germany and Italy, they found inspiration from innovations in Formula 1, new design languages, and relentless pursuit to be at the top.  From BBS to Mugen parts, Mike's build definitely maintains a high standard of quality through and through that stays true to the spirit of the original NSX.


Near or far, it's hard not to notice the amazing 19" BBS LM wheels on Mike Tran's 1995 Electric Blue NSX.  Tran is what you would call a BBS LM fanatic, his other cars also sport only BBS LM's, a wheel that stands the test of time probably better than any other wheel.  Like many who seek the perfect fitment, Mike tailored the suspension and setup with KW Clubsport coilovers to a clean yet aggressive stance.


Most would be happy cruising around with an OEM+ look like that, but Mike proceeded to focus on adding slightly more aggressive aero with a Mode 4 front bumper and carbon front lip and rear BYS wing and finished off with a '02 rear valence.  Mike had LED running lights custom made by John Bazay to add a taste of modern look to the front fascia.  


With the stock 3.0L 270hp V6 motor being more than enough power for its time, Mike wanted to keep the NA, high revving VTEC characteristics that the NSX was known for, but added some CT Engineering headers and a F1 GTOne Series exhaust.  To date, I haven't heard a better sounding NA NSX around, loud, raw, and high pitched, the exhaust definitely surprises many people that hear it approaching and initially think it's another type of car altogether.  Inside, Tran has everything clean and classy with a set of custom leather Braum racing seats.  The feel of the alcantara mugen steering wheel is grippy and looks as if it should have come from the factory that way. 


Mike's NSX is truly an icon from the last era of JDM motorsport. A clean NA example of a car that stands the test of time.  Tran's future plans include joining the boost life with a Science of Speed turbo kit that will take this build to a whole new level of fun. You can follow Mike on IG at oyatlien_nsx.